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The new Terrain GX4s

The Terrain GX4s is a perfect example of a vehicle with unadulterated Off-Road DNA. Its powerful 570 EFI petrol engine and its 4×4 differential lock system, provide the Terrain GX4s with unmatched power. An authentic and ideally sized all-terrain vehicle.

The CORVUS development team worked on this new chassis with one clear objective in mind: to maintain the habitability of the vehicle cabin.

The compact dimensions of the Terrain GX4s greatly increase this UTV’s versatility. With a width of 144.9 cm, it’s perfect for service tasks, but it can also be used in woodland areas. A perfect size that goes hand in hand with a maximum total load capacity of 440 kg – a leader in its class.

• 2×4/4×4 system
• Rear differential lock
• Cargo bed
• Skid plate
• Adjustable seats
• 3-point safety belt
• Front hitch receiver

• Rear 2” tow ball
• Electric power steering EPS
• Bottle storage
• Inner rear view.
• Front wiper system
• Rear screen

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The Terrain DX4

The Terrain DX4 follows in the tracks of its predecessor, but with improvements that make it undoubtedly superior. A powerful and robust 4×4 diesel vehicle, generous storage, and load capacity, fully prepared to excel in farmland, forestry work, stock breeding and maintenance services.

Ideal for work that doesn’t require high capacity and off-road traction.

The DX4 equipment is designed for anyone looking for a simple vehicle with which to carry out any job comfortably. Fitted as standard with a large and versatile cargo box that allows you to carry everything you need for your working day.

• Yanmar diesel, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke.
• 993 cc / 24 hp / 18 kw 3600 rpm.
• Water cooling.
• 4WD-2WD with rear differential lock.
• Homologation: Option T1a / T1b.
• Person capacity: 2 pax.
• Cargo box capacity 450KG

• Windscreen with wash wiper.
• Under-seat storage: 67 L / 30 kg.
• Electric power steering EPS.
• Inner rear view.
• Max speed EU: T1a: 40 km/h – T1b: 60 km/h.
• Plenty of Options

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The 100% electric
Corvus Terrain EX4

Give us a call to see this exciting new development for Corvus, Europe’s first manufacturer of 4×4 utility vehicles.

The Terrain EX4 is an electric UTV capable of tackling the toughest working days thanks to its off-road capabilities. It achieves 40km/h/25mph and can be driven on roads, making it ideal for a quiet, non-polluting everyday work vehicle. It offers high load capacity, lower maintenance and high vehicle durability with the precise power needed.

Corvus Electric 4x4

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