The CAST Loader model range have telescopic booms with high lift capacities and the ability to use multiple attachments making these machines highly flexible.

cast 800eco

Cast 800 Eco

Capacity: 950 kg
Reach: 2.98m


Cast 23T

Capacity: 950 kg
Reach: 2.945m

cast 33T

Cast30T & 33Tlx Carbon

Capacity: 950 kg
Reach: 2.945/2.980m

cast genesis 40XD

Cast Genesis 40XD

Capacity: 1400 kg
Reach: 3.3m

cast maxo

Cast Maxo

Capacity: 2100 kg
Reach: 3.2m


ROTO 40.16 S

Capacity: 4000 kg
Reach: 15.8 meters