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A subsidiary of the wider Kubota Corporation of Japan, Kubota (UK) is a leading innovator and manufacturer of compact tractors and diesel ride-on mowers. Stocking the mid range and agricultural range of tractors, CJ Saunders is the ideal place to begin your search for reliable machinery from Kubota. Click on the titles below to view all the latest Kubota products or read more about Kubota on the Kubota website.

Mid Range Tractors


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L3200 32HP

L4100 41.6HP


L3540 37HP


L4240 44HP


L4240 44HP HST Plus


L5040 52HP

Kubota L5040

L5240 54HP

Kubota L5240

L5740 59HP

Kubota L5740 59HP



Agricultural Tractors


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M8540n 85HP

Kubota M8540n 85hp

M6060 60HP

Kubota M6060

M7060 70HP

Kubota M7060

M8560 85.5HP

Kubota M8560

M9960 100HP

Kubota M9960

MGX Series

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Kubota M110GX


Kubota M135GX

Kubota Care

What does it mean?

  • Kubota Care should be applied for at the time of the tractor purchase and covers repair costs for an additional 36month period for 5 years and/or a maximum of 5,000hrs use. (terms and conditions apply as per the 24 month/2000hr warranty cover)
  • Cost is relative to the hours usage purchased from:- 2,000hrs (Free of Charge 24mths), 3,000hrs, 4000hrs or 5000hrs being premium payable, with a standard fixed period of 5 years.
  • If your forecasted use is only 3,000hrs over a 5 year period, your Kubota Care premium and service costs will of course also be lower.

What is the service contract?

  • Under a “Service Contract”, all major service/maintenance will be carried out by the supplying authorised Kubota dealer during the 5 year Kubota Care period.
  • You pay only for those major service requirements for the hours usage purchased. Benefits of Kubota Care:
  • Only Kubota genuine parts (such as filters) will be used during any servicing or repair maintenance.
  • Kubota lubricants must be used at all times, ensuring maximum reliability and performance from your Kubota tractor.
  • Peace of mind for the usage hours you have purchased during the full 5 year period.
  • You can part exchange your tractor at any time for another Kubota M Series tractor and reap the benefits of this program.
  • Enhanced resale value (only if a full dealer service history is available) at any time during the 5 year term.
All New M7000 Series

View the full specifications of the products below by clicking each image (an online brochure will open in a new window).


Kubota M7001


Q. Can I service the tractor myself? NO!
A. The main services as detailed in the service booklet supplied as part of the Kubota Care program, must be carried out by a trained and authorised Kubota dealer. A Service maintenance contract (optional) can be set up directly with the supplying dealer, so all major servicing costs can be fixed at the time of purchase, or you can choose to spread the servicing cost over the 5 year term. All daily and weekly maintenance checks are the responsibility of the operator.

Q. Do I have to purchase Kubota Care at point of sale or can I decide at a later date to purchase Kubota Care? YOU CHOOSE!
A. The most cost effective way to purchase Kubota Care will be at the time of purchase or within 30 days of installation. However providing that you sign up for the 2,000hr -24 month optional free of charge warranty period, you can elect to purchase Kubota Care up to 23 months/1900hrs from the date the tractor was installed.

Q. Is it therefore more expensive to purchase Kubota Care sometime after I have purchased the tractor? YES!
A. Yes it is, there is an additional premium cost to purchase Kubota Care after the tractor sale, unless it is within 30 days from date of installation.

Q. If I sell the tractor will the Kubota Care programme be transferred and still apply to the next owner with no extra cost? YES! (Admin fee only applies)
A. Providing the tractor is sold back to a Kubota dealer and has been a part of the programme at the time of sale and it will also command a higher residual value.

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